My Daily Practice Of Abundance

I started a habit a while ago. You see I read and listened to Andy Shaw’s book called: A Bug Free Mind and started implementing his teachings in my life.

Basically he talks about how important our thoughts are and even more important is to clean our minds of the bugs we have in there; bugs that we inherited from family, the news, our surrounding, films, media and so on.

If we want to achieve our goals in our lives it is paramount that we are in control of our mind and not these buggy cassettes playing in our subconscious all the time and pulling us on strings. Do you remember Pinocchio? Now, that’s how we look like in reality. not a heart warming image, is it?

There are so many people who talk about positive thinking but not many who give us step by step instructions on how to achieve it. That’s why I love the book: A Bug Free Mind  because it gives us easy chunks of exercises with which everybody can succeed. If you would like to have a taste, you can download the first 4 chapters free of charge here.

Now back to my daily practice – which is connected to the image I posted here. I am on the lookout now for things that I can be thankful for. Gratitude brings in wealth – I experienced that. Guess what – the more I practice, the easier it is to be in the state of gratitude and find more and more things to be grateful for.

Tho more things I’m grateful for, the more I am in control of my own mind and the more I am the creator of my life. Try it out and come back with YOUR results! It’s free you know 🙂

As Dr Wayne said: “Abundance will rain into your life”


About hovirag

I'm a health geek :) I teach chikung (qigong) and am interested in allkinds of natural, organic products.

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  1. Hi is the book a nice one…
    Bug free mind?
    do you have somehow a pdf version of it

  2. enchantingbeginnings

    I kept a list on my iphone for awhile (till it died and I hadn’t synced) of “Things that make me happy.” It was just random things from the important (my kids) to the tiny (things that smell like bubble gum.) Keeping it made me aware of all the things in life that are awesome.

  3. Hello Hovirag,

    I have to agree with you here. Abundance is where it’s at. Be grateful, and why away from scarcity which many people operate on these days. Like you said, clean out the bad stuff and insert new positive things in your mind. Thanks for the tips!

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