Folk Dancing – One Of My Hobbies

DSC00575I love dancing – different kinds of dances from classical to folk and free dance. It makes me feel good and I can meet so many nice people. The folk dancing events start in the evening and usually last until 1 am the next morning. By that time of course there is no regular public transport only night buses but I am lucky with one place: it is just 15 minutes walk from where I live.

That’s where I went last night. I got to know about this new place from facebook – well, the power of facebook! – in the evening and the event had already been on for two hours. Nevertheless I went. I enjoyed learning new steps and dancing together with the others. As the weather is quite mild I really enjoyed walking home afterwards and breathing in the fresh air. Needless to say that I slept well and woke up refreshed in the morning.

I took this image in August and shared it here because this is the dance I participated in last night. Usually you hold your hands and dance in a circle anti clockwise.

Hungarian folk dances


If you would like to have a taste of Hungarian Folk Music you should definitely buy this. It has dances from 10 different parts of Hungary and they all differ from one another!

Just click on the image on the left: The Hungarian State Folk Assemble and you will be taken to Amazon.

How do you charge up your energies?


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I'm a health geek :) I teach chikung (qigong) and am interested in allkinds of natural, organic products.

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  1. I love dancing, too!! I used to take dance lessons (ballet/tap/jazz and then, just jazz) and hope to again someday. Glad you had fun!

  2. I love dancing as well!!! I don’t do a lot of partner dancing which is unfortunate… but I love free dancing… usually alone with my eyes closed. As for charging my energy… meditating works for me but I love karaoke too. That is always a great time 🙂

  3. I love dancing! It’s such an expression of joy and life. I remember being introduced to folk dancing as a teenager and thinking it was fun but never really went forward with it. It’s really inspiring to see your pictures and hear how much you enjoy it. Keep on dancing!

  4. great dance info. happy UBC

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