Enjoying the sunshine

Today we had such a great weather – unusual for the British isles actually, bright sunshine all day long. So I decided to go for a long walk to the nearby reservoir. I really enjoyed being alone in nature – which in a sense is not completely true as there were people fishing in the lake and met some others walking their dogs. But on the whole it was really quiet.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE being in nature – it fills me up and in case I’m confused about something it calms me down, clears my mind and when I’m back home I can start anew.


Walking in nature is also a form of practicing qigong. It is called walking qigong and of course htere is a special way how you “have to do it”. Being present for the moment is the most important element though. If you want to find out how qigong can help you with stress, depression or even restore your health go to Online Qigong Course


Enjoy your weekend as much as I do 🙂

About hovirag

I'm a health geek :) I teach chikung (qigong) and am interested in allkinds of natural, organic products.

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  1. I love being in nature. It does have a way of restoring you and giving your mind some peace.

  2. Ohhh the nature walks are soo nice

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