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The Best And Only DVD You Will Ever Need


You can learn the basic qigong movements and postures that boost your immune system and help your body heal itself from this DVD.That’s right, there is no need to buy different qigong DVDs for different health issues! Your body is intelligent and can heal itself from anything – provided you give it the energy it needs to do so.

These essential qigong (chi kung, chigong) moves do JUST that and they are easy to follow for complete beginners as well. See testimonials here below and on the front page!This DVD contains the thorough  teaching of the essential qigong moves and postures you will EVER need. These moves and postures have effect on three levels at the same time:

1. physical: boost your immune system and helps your body heal itself easily in no time

2. emotional: clear out negative emotions and fill you with energy so that you can enjoy your life

3. mental: clear out negative thoughts and pattern – even if they are in your conscious/have been hiding there for decades

Thus in a short period of time your life changes COMPLETELY from fear and failure to joy and fulfillment. After practicing for a while you’ll be able to create the life you ALWAYS WANTED  with the power of your thoughts. Below you will find testimonials from people who already  bought and use this DVD.

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  I bought this qigong DVD because I had health issues and was programmed for an operation. The first time I started doing these qigong exercises I was exhausted but towards the end I realized that not only did my tiredness disappear completely but I was also full of energy even though it was after 10 pm. So I worked for 3  more hours before going to bed. I highly recommend this powerful qigong DVD to everybody. The exercises are  very easy to learn from the DVD – and I’m over 60! – If I could learn it with easy You can too!
Mary Sandor


  I LOVE this DVD and the exercises, actually I’m addicted to them now. Everything is easy to understand and do    and helps me regain my balance and focus within a couple of minutes.  After the first time I did them I was    already full of energy – and also realized that although these are very easy to do exercises, they gave a thorough  workout to my muscles! Thank you! 🙂
Emese Fabian


When you are over 60 you are no longer that spry as you were in your twenties…  When I started doing the qigong exercises I noticed that I’m not only filled with energy – thus being able to easily accomplish my daily tasks – but also my male “power” awakened. When I mentioned this to a friend on a trip in the nearby mountains, her reaction was: “thank you, I don’t need it then” but of course she  bought the DVD immediately after that trip was over :).
Who doesn’t need to be full of energy in the everyday rush we are in? What’s more, my health improved greatly and I started running again.
Gabor Huzella

More testimonials are here

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Health and Well-Being Video

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I personally find it funny and feel so fortunate to have learnt a simple and highly effective branch of chi gong. (More on this here)


Anyways, here’s the video approved by authorities – tell me what you think of it in the comments section below!

Enjoying the sunshine

Today we had such a great weather – unusual for the British isles actually, bright sunshine all day long. So I decided to go for a long walk to the nearby reservoir. I really enjoyed being alone in nature – which in a sense is not completely true as there were people fishing in the lake and met some others walking their dogs. But on the whole it was really quiet.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE being in nature – it fills me up and in case I’m confused about something it calms me down, clears my mind and when I’m back home I can start anew.


Walking in nature is also a form of practicing qigong. It is called walking qigong and of course htere is a special way how you “have to do it”. Being present for the moment is the most important element though. If you want to find out how qigong can help you with stress, depression or even restore your health go to Online Qigong Course


Enjoy your weekend as much as I do 🙂

What to do on a rainy day



Today the rain didn’t stop at all. It is still raining so the weather is quite gloomy and grey. On such days like this people tend to become influenced and their mood tends to become darker as well.

Here I would like to give you some tips on how you can stay positive and enjoy the day despite the rain.

1. Start the day with exercises – or when you get home from work do some exercises for at least half an hour. That will work your body, your blood circulates better, poisons are cleaned out and stress is gone as well!

2. Read a good book – yes there is something charming in reading a good book while listening to the rain – sets the scenery for your imagination

3. make something – that DIY project is perfect for such days

4. play cards or board games with your family or friends

5. listen to some music that you love while doing the daily chore in your home

Today I did exercises and chikung as well. I worked on the computer writing new articles – a perfect day for this as the sunshine doesn’t lure me out 🙂 You know I love being outside in nature especially when the sun shines and fill myself with all the positive energy it gives me.

How about you? What do you do on gloomy days?

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My fitness route: chikung (qigong)

My hobby: Chikung

I do love to keep fit but also to have a nice body – that means no extreme muscles. Besides I wanted to choose something that promotes my health as well!

For a while I attended yoga classes, which were good but didn’t tick that box I really wanted. Then finally I came across chikung. It was love at first sight 🙂

At the time I thought I have no health issues,, so imagine my surprise when I learnt that not everything works well within my body… – luckily I had the chikung exercises in my arsenal, so those issues were solved quickly.

The most immediate results I got from the chikung course are: being full of energy, doing more things during the day without getting tired and neeeding less sleep – this is why I got “hooked on it” in the first place!

Read more on my gains with chikung here

What is Chi Kung (Qigong, Chi Gong) ?


Hi everyone,Let me explain what chi kung is first and then I’ll let you know how I came across it and why I advise everybody do it.Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese martial art that has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. For a long time this has been done secretly as if the regime found out about someone being a chi kung master, they were executed. Why? – you probably ask.

Well if you do chi kung (qigong) on a regular basis you become powerful, you are able to move things and influence people with the power of your thoughts!