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Bella The Rocket Blender

There are many people who can’t afford to buy an expensive Vitamix blender and they are looking for an affordable one for everyday use that is still working well for their needs. The best cheap – and most sought for blender is the Bella rocket blender.

Let’s see what is included in the package:

– it has 2 sets of stainless steel blades

– it contains 6 cups with 4 lids

– it has an easy press down and safety lock feature – important if you have kids

– works with a 300 Watt motor

It has altogether 17 pieces and it’s easy to clean it up.

You can make smoothies and milk or protein shakes with this rocket blender. Customers say that it is great for the price and for what it was designed for. If you use ice you also have to add liquid to the mixture. So if you are looking for a dirt cheap blender the Bella rocket blender is a fantastic choice to make. See customer reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

William And Kate

I just watched the film about Prince William and Kate Middleton and I have to tell you I loved it. It successfully showed their personality in an enjoyable way.

What I really like about this “story” is that it is kind of a fairy tale become true. I’m so glad for Kate – she really deserves to be treated well. She is not just beautiful but intelligent and highly sociable as well.

For me it was a time well spent by watching this video – surely a lot better than even some of the Hollywood ones. As a reviewer put it: “I purchased this film even though I had seen it before. It was poignant and most enjoyable. The acting was superb.”

You can buy the video by clicking here:  William and Kate (2011)


Chances are, you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction. But if you’ve not consciously and correctly able to ‘structure your thoughts’ so you ONLY focus on the things you desire each and every day and tap into the full power of your subconscious mind… You are missing out on some amazing opportunities. Opportunities for…

More money

Better relationships

Business success

Inner peace

Total life transformation

Tens of millions of people have tried to use the Law of attraction to get what they want in life. Some have succeeded. MOST haven’t.

The reason thousands HAVE been so successful is that they share one critical thing in common:

Each one of them learned how to structure their thoughts and tap into the inner recesses of their sub-conscious mind – on command. That’s what I did, too  with the help of Andy Shaw’s audio book 🙂

This is why, to help you, Andy Shaw just released 5 brand new videos where he explains how to tap into the power of your subconscious (and structure your thinking so you ONLY ever think the thoughts you want to think!) quickly and easily…

Click here to access Andy’s videos now:

If you’re serious about using the LAW OF ATTRACTION to get what you want in life, then you MUST master the foundation skill of being able to control and direct the power of your subconscious and every day thinking.

You’ll discover all that and MORE in these 5 FREE videos

Learning Medieval Dance Today

Medieval Dance
click on the image for credit

I belong to a group that want to revive traditional things mainly from the 15. century. We do martial arts and the men fight with swards and other stuff but today we had dancing! Actually we learnt the whole choreography in 3 hours which is indeed a record as only two of us have a dancing past.

Our teacher was fantastic and she could explain the steps in everyday language thus everybody was able to learn the whole set. I enjoyed it so much and I have to tell you that I love these dances. We’ll present this dance at fairs and on stage. We are also going to learn some more. I can’t wait to have the performances in those beautiful medieval dresses!

How do you spend the weekend? Hope you enjoy it and have fun too!


One Of My Favourite Videos: The Movie Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

Or Juice Your Way To Better Health With The Help Of Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Video My friends know that I’m a health geek, so a friend of mine recommended me to watch this movie.

Erzsebet Bogyo‘s insight:

I advise everyody to watch the movie: Fat Sick And Nearly Dead – it opens your eyes to what is possible and what you can achive by just changing your eating habits.Read more in this article and even watch the trailer of the video.

See on

Folk Dancing – One Of My Hobbies

DSC00575I love dancing – different kinds of dances from classical to folk and free dance. It makes me feel good and I can meet so many nice people. The folk dancing events start in the evening and usually last until 1 am the next morning. By that time of course there is no regular public transport only night buses but I am lucky with one place: it is just 15 minutes walk from where I live.

That’s where I went last night. I got to know about this new place from facebook – well, the power of facebook! – in the evening and the event had already been on for two hours. Nevertheless I went. I enjoyed learning new steps and dancing together with the others. As the weather is quite mild I really enjoyed walking home afterwards and breathing in the fresh air. Needless to say that I slept well and woke up refreshed in the morning.

I took this image in August and shared it here because this is the dance I participated in last night. Usually you hold your hands and dance in a circle anti clockwise.

Hungarian folk dances


If you would like to have a taste of Hungarian Folk Music you should definitely buy this. It has dances from 10 different parts of Hungary and they all differ from one another!

Just click on the image on the left: The Hungarian State Folk Assemble and you will be taken to Amazon.

How do you charge up your energies?

What to do on a rainy day



Today the rain didn’t stop at all. It is still raining so the weather is quite gloomy and grey. On such days like this people tend to become influenced and their mood tends to become darker as well.

Here I would like to give you some tips on how you can stay positive and enjoy the day despite the rain.

1. Start the day with exercises – or when you get home from work do some exercises for at least half an hour. That will work your body, your blood circulates better, poisons are cleaned out and stress is gone as well!

2. Read a good book – yes there is something charming in reading a good book while listening to the rain – sets the scenery for your imagination

3. make something – that DIY project is perfect for such days

4. play cards or board games with your family or friends

5. listen to some music that you love while doing the daily chore in your home

Today I did exercises and chikung as well. I worked on the computer writing new articles – a perfect day for this as the sunshine doesn’t lure me out 🙂 You know I love being outside in nature especially when the sun shines and fill myself with all the positive energy it gives me.

How about you? What do you do on gloomy days?

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Today’s program: Attending a sweat lodge

building a sweat lodge Image credit:

Those of you who are familiar with the native american tradition will know what a sweat lodge ceremony is. For the others let me put it into simple words.


A sweat lodge is build of branches in the form of the womb – see image on the left. In the middle there is a hole dug into the earth  – this is where the hot stones will go in. The branches are covered with blankets to keep the heat inside during the ceremony and the “entrance” is also covered after everybody went in, so it does give you the feeling of being in the womb – especially that space is very limited in here and you can’t really move.


The ceremony: A huge bonfire is built on the ancient stones carefully chosen for this ceremony so that they become red hot. When the stones are ready people will crawl into the “womb” and sit down. This is a cleansing ceremony – whatever issues you have in your life now your can bring it in here and ask for help with it.


the stones are ready
and this is the perfect set up:
sweat lodge, the altar between the lodge and the fire


During the ceremony usually there are 4 rounds according to the 4 directions in the sky. Each round has its own deep rooted meaning.

I have participated in sweat lodges for the past 10 years and it always is a new experience – never the same. Some were difficult to “endure” while others seemed to be “a piece of cake”. Remember the heat inside can become intolerable if you have serious issues going on. I once felt really bad during the first two rounds when the heat was building up and was sitting up full of joy and happiness in the “toughest” round – the fourth.

So this is what I’m going to do tonight. As preparation I don’t eat anything during the day, we can only drink. You are welcome to eat after the ceremony is over, but most of the time I didn’t even feel hungry afterwards.


Read more on how I became into contact with the ancient tradition of shamanism here:  The life of a “city shaman” – is it a hobby or a profession?  



Have you ever participated in a sweat lodge? What is YOUR experience?



sweat lodge

Building the sweat lodge

Starting martial arts again today!

martial arts

Am I nuts starting again?

A couple of years ago I was very active sports-wise. I had some kind of training every day. But I stopped because felt sharp pain in my spine  a lot during the training and nobody knew what caused it….

Well, long story short I met a guy at a summer fair and we started talking. It turned out that he is a martial arts trainer and he would be glad to have me in his group from autumn. We also discussed my spine problem – which by the way completely disappeared when I quit martial arts – and agreed that is was caused by stress. Yes, I was stressed because over there they even yelled at us to make us work harder and I couldn’t bear the pressure. So my body started playing up.

Now, I have been postponing starting again but yesterday he chatted with me on facebook and now I kind of have to go 🙂 Fingers crossed! I’ll let you know how it went!

How do you feel about martial arts?

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Ronan Farrow to Host MSNBC Show

Ronan Farrow

Is Ronan Farrow already a hero?

Ronan Farrow, the only biological son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen is probably going to host his own program on MSNBC. He is on the way of becoming a superhero in my terms of using that word.

He is only 25 but has already been involved as an activist in a lot of programs like Aids in Africa or children caught in armed conflicts. While most young people are just starting their career at this age he has already written for multiple publications including The Wall Street JournalInternational Herald Tribune and The Atlantic curving his career out.

Now I like having role models, people who I can look up to and see how I can become a better person. Another such hero in my eyes is Kristine Barnett   who has done wonders not only with her own autistic son, but hundreds of children suffering from this “disease”. If you want to know more about her method read her book called: The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius.

I actually started the habit to look out for positive news on the net. In a previous post I wrote about the importance of having a bug free mind, that is if we are in control of our minds we can create whatever we want – we become the creators. To achieve this it is of paramount importance to have positive thought – to help ourselves attract what we want into our lives. I’m kind of hooked up on this topic I know but I really believe in the power of our minds!