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Carrot and Beetroot juice for your health

A couple of years ago my sister in law shared this recipe with me:



2 medium size carrots

1 beetroot

2 apples




Clean the vegetables, slice all the ingredients and put them into your juicer. You will get a healthy drink which is going to wash out your kidneys and provide you with the essential vitamins, flavonoids and minerals your body need.


If you want to go one extra step use a Vitamix blender and blend everything – in this way the fiber stays in as well which helps you clean your intestines and have a healthy digestive system. See how a dirty juice is made in it on this video here

Making Dirty Juice With A Vitamix Blender

I love this video because it shows you step by step how to make a “dirty juice” with your Vitamix blender.

If you still haven’t got a Vitamix get one on sale here

Bella The Rocket Blender

There are many people who can’t afford to buy an expensive Vitamix blender and they are looking for an affordable one for everyday use that is still working well for their needs. The best cheap – and most sought for blender is the Bella rocket blender.

Let’s see what is included in the package:

– it has 2 sets of stainless steel blades

– it contains 6 cups with 4 lids

– it has an easy press down and safety lock feature – important if you have kids

– works with a 300 Watt motor

It has altogether 17 pieces and it’s easy to clean it up.

You can make smoothies and milk or protein shakes with this rocket blender. Customers say that it is great for the price and for what it was designed for. If you use ice you also have to add liquid to the mixture. So if you are looking for a dirt cheap blender the Bella rocket blender is a fantastic choice to make. See customer reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Can coffee be healthy? Is there such a thing as healthy coffee?

there is a healthy alternative to coffee

healthy coffee

Today as I’m sipping my fruit coffee I decided to write a post on whether coffee is healthy or not… Guess what: the fruit coffee I’m drinking is not just healthy but strengthens your immune system as well!

It consists of powered fruit and grape seeds. As a “sweetener” the sugar from the different fruit  is added. No need to add anything, just pour the ingredients into the coffee maker, brew it and drink it.

Besides being healthy it is also delicious and has the same benefits as why people drink coffee. It definitely wakes you up and fills you with energy in the morning. So you are ready and set to go 🙂 I’m so grateful someone showed me this option! To see the ingredients and/or order visit this link and put in FruitCafé  in the search box.


Surely this DOES NOT taste like coffee at all – so if you are hooked on the taste I suggest you take a look at this article that has excellent, healthy alternatives that taste like coffee. In this way we can say yes to the question: Is coffee healthy? I stick to my fruit coffee for sure 🙂


Enjoy your day!

Carrot, Beetroot And Apple Juice To Boost Your Immune System

carrot beetroot and apple juice


1 big red apple
1 medium sized beetroot
2 big carrots

Juice them together and it’s ready to consume 🙂

The bubbles in this drink come from the apples – when you juice apples you get a lot of bubbles – drink it – it’s very healthy!

This is one portion for one person, if you are juicing for several people increase the ingredients!

I love using the leftover pulp as well – I make “spaghetti bolognese” out of them – soon I’m going to add that recipe here as well – stay tuned!

Click to get more fantastic juicing recipes in this book – it also has great recipes for the leftover pulp as well!

Here’s a great article on the Breville Juicers:



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