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Psyhic Defence


Everybody, who is involved in esotery knows the importance of self defence. I have tried loads of stuff suggested by friends and somehow nothing worked properly. Years went by when finally I stumbled upon this book that ‘saved my life”. From here I not only learnet techniques, but also understood more deeply how these energies work. Since then I have no issues ๐Ÿ™‚

So I suggest you click on the link and grab your copy! You can also read into the book before buying. Believe me, this will be an investment worth every penny ๐Ÿ™‚

So click here right now!

What Are The Best Headphones? – YouTube

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„Top 10 Best Headphones: After doing some research, I’ve finally created a list of the top 10 best headphones listmania list on Amazon…

Erzsebet Bogyo‘s insight:

Find out what the top 10 best headphones are according to real customer reviews here:

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Free Time Activity: Crocheting

I always loved handcraft, I started quite early at the age of 7 actually ๐Ÿ™‚ There are periods in my life when I do a lot, and at other times nothings…

Recently I started crocheting again, and I realized that I have several unfinished projects both in knitting and crocheted stuff. So I kind of make a pact with myself at these times: OK, I can start the new project but I also finish one of the old ones.

So comes that now I knit and do crochet as well. I finished a pair of knitted socks recently and another is on the way, while I do crochet earrings and baby booties. As I can knit while I travel, I usually take my knitting with me and make use of the time spent on the underground, bus, etc – or sometimes even while watching a good movie at home. On the left zou can see one of the baby booties I made.

Now with crochet it is different. I have to pay attention to what I do 100%. So I do have to allocate time for crocheting only. On the other hand I love doing it! My friends love my stuff and so I recently opened a shop on Etsy as well.

You can see all my crocheted stuff by clicking on: Your Crochet Worldย . I am in a creation mood, so more things are on the way ๐Ÿ™‚ I already joined the Hungarian team – now this story is interesting for sure!

I was doing my medieval dress(more on this in another post) ย at my friends house as I don’t have a working sewing machine at the moment. She had visitors and we started talking. She explained a lot of things about selling on Etsy and said she can send me an invitation and if I register through that link I can get 40 free listings. As you can imagine I was sold ๐Ÿ™‚


So this is the story of starting to sell my handmade products. Do you do any kind of handcraft? What do you enjoy about it? – You are welcome to leave a comment below!

Andy Shaw and A Bug Free Mind – What is it and why you should download for FREE? – YouTube

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To achieve that healthy lifestyle you also have to clean your way of thinking – see step by step instructions in Andy Shaw’s video: A bug free mind

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The Secrets Of Chi Kong: Foods that contain aspirin

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good to know what foods contain aspirin – natural source of healing!

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Starting A Raw Food Diet: Where to buy Vitamix blenders on sale – great video!

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I loved this video on vitamix blenders on sale – go check out where to buy one on a huge sale price!

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Starting A Raw Food Diet: Wheatgrass juice – how to start drinking it

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How To Say No To People

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Nowadays so many people know what is the right behavior and they never fail to let you know how ill behaved you are….

I’m sure you met these people here or there!

We are brought up to be polite and nice to others, right?

And we tend to obey these people for the sake of peace little knowing that with each incident we literally contribute to killing our body!

What is even more interesting is that these people have no notion of taking other people’s feelings into consideration – yet they are those who prosper everywhere….

Double standards everywhere….

So we really have to learn how to say no to them so that we don’t get ill. What is your experience?

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Pumpkin lamp carved and with lit candle

Szandi pumpkinpumpkin lamp

Clean Eating: Meal Ideas

Found excellent recipes here!
Clean Eating: Meal Ideas.