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Chances are, you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction. But if you’ve not consciously and correctly able to ‘structure your thoughts’ so you ONLY focus on the things you desire each and every day and tap into the full power of your subconscious mind… You are missing out on some amazing opportunities. Opportunities for…

More money

Better relationships

Business success

Inner peace

Total life transformation

Tens of millions of people have tried to use the Law of attraction to get what they want in life. Some have succeeded. MOST haven’t.

The reason thousands HAVE been so successful is that they share one critical thing in common:

Each one of them learned how to structure their thoughts and tap into the inner recesses of their sub-conscious mind – on command. That’s what I did, too  with the help of Andy Shaw’s audio book 🙂

This is why, to help you, Andy Shaw just released 5 brand new videos where he explains how to tap into the power of your subconscious (and structure your thinking so you ONLY ever think the thoughts you want to think!) quickly and easily…

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If you’re serious about using the LAW OF ATTRACTION to get what you want in life, then you MUST master the foundation skill of being able to control and direct the power of your subconscious and every day thinking.

You’ll discover all that and MORE in these 5 FREE videos

Ronan Farrow to Host MSNBC Show

Ronan Farrow

Is Ronan Farrow already a hero?

Ronan Farrow, the only biological son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen is probably going to host his own program on MSNBC. He is on the way of becoming a superhero in my terms of using that word.

He is only 25 but has already been involved as an activist in a lot of programs like Aids in Africa or children caught in armed conflicts. While most young people are just starting their career at this age he has already written for multiple publications including The Wall Street JournalInternational Herald Tribune and The Atlantic curving his career out.

Now I like having role models, people who I can look up to and see how I can become a better person. Another such hero in my eyes is Kristine Barnett   who has done wonders not only with her own autistic son, but hundreds of children suffering from this “disease”. If you want to know more about her method read her book called: The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius.

I actually started the habit to look out for positive news on the net. In a previous post I wrote about the importance of having a bug free mind, that is if we are in control of our minds we can create whatever we want – we become the creators. To achieve this it is of paramount importance to have positive thought – to help ourselves attract what we want into our lives. I’m kind of hooked up on this topic I know but I really believe in the power of our minds!

My Daily Practice Of Abundance

I started a habit a while ago. You see I read and listened to Andy Shaw’s book called: A Bug Free Mind and started implementing his teachings in my life.

Basically he talks about how important our thoughts are and even more important is to clean our minds of the bugs we have in there; bugs that we inherited from family, the news, our surrounding, films, media and so on.

If we want to achieve our goals in our lives it is paramount that we are in control of our mind and not these buggy cassettes playing in our subconscious all the time and pulling us on strings. Do you remember Pinocchio? Now, that’s how we look like in reality. not a heart warming image, is it?

There are so many people who talk about positive thinking but not many who give us step by step instructions on how to achieve it. That’s why I love the book: A Bug Free Mind  because it gives us easy chunks of exercises with which everybody can succeed. If you would like to have a taste, you can download the first 4 chapters free of charge here.

Now back to my daily practice – which is connected to the image I posted here. I am on the lookout now for things that I can be thankful for. Gratitude brings in wealth – I experienced that. Guess what – the more I practice, the easier it is to be in the state of gratitude and find more and more things to be grateful for.

Tho more things I’m grateful for, the more I am in control of my own mind and the more I am the creator of my life. Try it out and come back with YOUR results! It’s free you know 🙂

As Dr Wayne said: “Abundance will rain into your life”