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Talking about my hobbies – knitting

bamboo knitting needlesNow that winter is approaching we tend to spend more time inside…. This is the time of the year when I get creative on the field of knitting.

On the left you can see some of the beauties I made with my bamboo knitting needles. Why bamboo? You can find it out by clicking here: Why I love my circular bamboo knitting needles kit.

Now I have to finish a skirt and pullover set that I didn’t finish last year. Only the sleeves are missing and then sewing and DONE! Can’t wait to wear this set.

I don’t know about you but I have knitting cycles – meaning that when I feel like it I do a lot, then drop it and don’t do anything for month. This is how I have 3 different projects to finish. As I am spiritual as well I’ll do this finishing business thinking about putting an end to some issues I face in my life. Thus, I will also have space for new things to arrive into my life. Everything is connected to everything – so let’s just make use of this concept.

I’m very practical you see. I always try everything out and see if it works in real life. If it does I will use it, if it doesn’t well it goes into the rubbish bin.

Do you love knitting or handcraft? Please share in the comments below!