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Homemade Toothpaste

I’m not sure everybody knows that I love organic homemade products. I rarely buy any products from shops any longer. I buildt my network of homemade stuff suppliers and I also love doing and experimenting. Today I show two recipes for homemade toothpaste here – I can tell you they work from my own experience! and the recipes are easy to follow and ready in 5 minutes 🙂 What can be better than that?   The first one is the one in the image. And the recipe?

Mix a mashed berry with a little baking soda. Its a natural tooth whitener. See more here


Today I’m going to make this as I bought some strawberries from local farmers – I know, I know they are delicious, but one strawberry used for whitening my teeth is acceptable for me 🙂

The other one: DIY toothpaste This image is from my homemade toothpaste from about 2 years ago. -Yes, I’m Hungarian – if you were wondering about the language on the label. I have since made several types but the basics is this recipe found here. Now you can make your own too in literally 2-5 minutes. They are extremely cheap to make but very effective and organic.